MicroSilver BG™
A revolutionary substance with extraordinary powers

Antibacterial - Stabilizing - Regulative

Many skin problems start when you get unwanted germs on your skin. This condition is aggravated by various external influences, such as pollution, stress, an unhealthy diet or an unfavourable lifestyle. The skin reacts by becoming increasingly irritated, which is manifested in the form of a reddish, scaly, itching or dry skin surface. Impurities or allergies can also be the results of these external influences.

If your skin is in this condition, this will often have a negative effect on your quality of life. The skin needs safe, gentle and effective solutions. Silver ions cover the skin like a fine net, thus allowing it to combat harmful germs, viruses and bacteria. With this in mind we have developed the dermaceutical skin-care range MicroSilver BG™.

The aim is…
to stabilize the natural balance of the skin, protect the skin by combating bacteria and germs, and provide a protective shield for the skin with an antibacterial effect.