asthetic pharmaesthetic pharm - Systematic treatment for problem skin
based on high-dose ingredients

This top-quality skin-care system containing high-dose active ingredients was developed to solve specific skin problems. aesthetic pharm offers a broad range of high-tech care products - from a special cleansing product, peelings, ampoules, active-ingredient complexes and masks to eye-care products and supplementary care products, which complete the range.

The development of these products was based on findings in research relating to biological processes in the skin, and their interaction with highly effective active ingredients. This know-how was successfully applied in the development of our products. We recommend preliminary treatment of the skin with partly neutralized fruit acids so that highly active ingredients can be worked into the skin to combat the skin problem in question.

The following guidelines apply to all skin-care products:

  • without mineral oils, we only use a perfume oil which is especially well-tolerated by the skin, as it specifically excludes 26 substances believed to possibly trigger skin irritation
  • without any preservatives known to either release formaldehyde or contain halogenous, organic substances

The aim is...
to create a healthy-looking and radiant complexion, regenerate the skin condition and fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and impure skin.