The secret of natural essences

To preserve the skin`s health and beauty, it is essential to start with appropriate care products early. True to the motto “prevention is better than aftercare”. A daily beauty routine also offers additional moments of well-being in daily life and provides body, mind and soul with relaxation. Protecting and providing the skin with important nutrients is the main focus of this effective basic-care range which is based on herbs, special plant extracts and top-quality, skin-friendly oils. CNC classic offers individual care solutions for every skin type, and in this way makes an important contribution to the preservation of the skin`s natural beauty.

The aim is...
to give the skin a fresh, healthy and even appearance.

The secret of natural essences

The different ways in which plants develop their effects have been known since time immemorial. In all cultures, plant essences and various oils are used to preserve and restore health, well-being and beauty. This age-old knowledge is reflected in the CNC classic range. Its fine and light textures make this versatile skin-care range an oasis of well-being for the skin and the senses.

CNC classic offers individual skin-care for every age and for every classic skin condition.
Also ideal as a starter product range at favourable conditions.