Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
The ultimate fitness workout for your face!

We do nearly everything for a firm and youthful-looking body, e.g. we go jogging, walking, do gymnastics or go to the fitness studio, in order to strengthen our muscles and in this way enhance the proportions of our body advantageously, in an effort to retain a slim and in particular a firm silhouette.
Firming the skin by building up the muscles is, however, not only possible in the body but also just as effective in the face.
The muscles in the face lie directly under the skin. If muscle mass gets lost here, the effects are visible at first glance. The face loses its firmness, the facial contours are no longer well formed and the skin appears wrinkly and aged. Since the 1960s, the EMS method (Electric Muscule Stimulation) has been a successful concept, which has continuously become more advanced:
It sends pleasant impulses through the skin which stimulate the nerves in the area to be treated. These low-frequency impulses activate the nerves lying under the skin and in this way the muscles are gently stimulated. The muscles are not in a position to distinguish whether the impulse comes from the brain or from the EMS machine’s electrodes, which are attached to the skin. The muscles react to the stimulation as usual, contract and relax again when the impulse is no longer induced. The natural muscle contraction can be imitated by means of electro-muscular stimulation.
This effective method makes the skin apear firm and lifted. In addition, it promotes the microcirculation in the skin, activates the lymph flow and firms the muscle groups in the face, neck and décolleté.
What are the effects of electric muscule stimulation?
  • Smoothing
  • Firming
  • Plumping up
  • Lifting the facial contours
  • Stimulating the microcirculation
  • Purification and relaxation of muscle groups
  • Firmer skin tissue
  • Alleviation of wrinkles

What results can I achieve with this treatment?
  • quickly visible and long-lasting results
  • younger-looking and plumped-up skin
  • tightened skin tissue
  • muscle strengthening